I was born in Milan in 1973 where I live and work.
I have a 5 years BA at the University of design and communication at Politecnico, Milan
2001: exchange student at Ravensbourne college of design and communication, 
London UK

Art director in advertising and communication agency in Milan (com.unico) since 2004.
I worked on projects for local and international firms and organizations. I am experienced in advertising but also in cultural events and political information and communication (Giuliano Pisapia Major of Milan, Massimo Zedda Major of Cagliari, Comune di Oristano...)
My skills span from design for printing, illustration, advertising campaign, catalogue, photoshop works, to TV commercials, video for trade, video for internal use, POS video, video animations (editing using premiere and after effects). ATL and BTL, digital and web layout. 

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Enrico Gazziero

Tel: +39 339 34 22 710​

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enrico gazziero art director - mobile: 339 34 22 710
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